5 Ways to Involve Children in Exercise

5 ways you can Involve Children in Exercise today

5 ways you can Involve Children in Exercise today

Sometimes it’s hard to get our own workout in never mind having our kids join us right? BUT when our children see us exercising, they will want to as well. They do what they see and they say what they hear, so getting them involved early has the potential of helping them in years to come. Research shows that when we involve children in exercise, they are more likely to keep those healthy habits throughout their life.

5 Ways to Involve Children in Exercise

1) Make it fun!!

Get outdoors and play hopscotch or a game of HORSE. You can even get to a playground and create your own little workout while you play.  You can also turn up the music and dance around the house!

2) Get their friends involved.

If they have friends over playing video games, make it a point to send them outside FIRST to release some energy before they sit in front of the TV to play.

3) Keep track of their progress.

Just like back in potty training days and you tracked how many times they made it to the bathroom, track how many times they’ve exercised that week. Offer dollar store prizes when they finish 4 out of 7 ‘fitness sessions’ for the week! If your kids are older, offer a bigger prize for the month vs each week.

4) Use spare moments

If they are watching TV challenge them to do 10 pushups or 10 sit-ups with you during the commercials or everyone jog in place or do jumping jacks during commercials. Do this for 1 hour of television and you’ve got a little cardio activity in for the day as a family.

5) Go for a walk!

Something so simple is something that is overlooked these days because we all have super busy schedules. After dinner, go for a 10 minute walk together and talk about the day.

**For some guidelines on how much exercise your child needs click here for information from the Mayo Clinic.

When we involve children in exercise, it makes the entire experience more enjoyable for the entire family. So, what are you waiting for!? Follow these tips and let me know which one worked best for you.

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