6 Steps to Fitness Success

6 Steps to Fitness Success

6 Steps to Fitness Success

Fitness & nutrition is a step by step journey. Each step is a step towards BIG changes to ensure fitness success.

6 Steps You Can Follow on your Journey To Fitness Success

Step 1: You have to know your WHY (I say this all the time).

Know WHY you want to change and more than that know WHY you slip (if you slip). Know your triggers. Journal about why you grab the bag of chips; what are your emotions when you do that? I know that sounds super crazy, BUT it’s ESSENTIAL to the journey. When a smoker is trying to quit, smoking cessation programs tell them to do this too. Trust me when I say; food is an addiction too and many times it’s just as unhealthy.

Step 2: Dig DEEP (see step 1).

You may uncover some scary things when you dig deep. For me, my addiction to food went WAY back to when my parents divorced and I turned to food to satisfy the emptiness I felt. Again, sounds weird or coo-coo but it carries a lot of weight in truth.

Step 3: Clean out your cabinets and fridge.

If you need help figuring out what should go, let me know and I would be thrilled to help you figure it all out! Starting with a clean slate really helps.

Step 4: Plan plan plan.

Plan your week, schedule your workouts (and do not break that date with yourself), plan your meals and prep them. I know it sounds like a TON of work but it truly works itself out and gets so much easier the more you do it AND you’ll start seeing results so you’ll WANT to do it! Taking the hour to plan on a Friday or Saturday, saves you HOURS of frustration later in the week.

Step 5: Shop off of a list that you’ve made from your planning.

Enough said.

Step 6: Prep your meals.

I like to prep batches of food and portion them out using my 21 Day Fix containers and put them in the fridge on Sunday ready to go for the week. Again, it saves HOURS during the week and as a busy #mompreneur I need extra time and I’m certain you do too.

And there you go. 6 steps. I could go on and on about what things you could get rid of, soda, artificial sweeteners, etc… but I will save that for another blog post. These steps are as easy or as hard as you want to make them. I used to make this the hardest part of my week and looking back I giggle that meal prep was the hardest part of my week…really? Meal prep is the hardest? Yes it’s hard at first, but not the hardest thing we will encounter know what I mean? I’m here to help you.

Shoot me a message if you’d like some help achieving fitness success. Click here to meet me on FB or email me at gettingitback4good@gmail.com

Have a FABULOUS day!


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