Amazing Apple Nachos

Amazing Apple Nachos!

Amazing Apple Nachos!

Sometimes you just want to indulge right? Women, we all know what happens at least one time a month and we crazy sweet or salty. We crave chocolate or at least I do! Heck, I could just have a bad day and want something not so good for me! BUT with this there is ZERO GUILT! AND it’s 21 Day Fix APPROVED!

Ingredients to making amazing apple nachos!

  • 1 tsp chocolate chips (optional)
  • 1 small apple (purple container)
  • 2 tsp PB2 mixed with water
  • shaved coconut (orange container)

Recipe to making amazing apple nachos!

  1. Mix your PB2 with water so it is not quite thick, but not too runny either
  2. Slice up your apple
  3. Drizzle your PB2 over the apple
  4. Top with your coconut and chocolate chips

BAM! Super simple, delicious, healthy snack that not only you’ll enjoy, but the kiddos will too!

PB2 is made with premium quality peanuts and has less fat and are all natural. Same consistency as full-fat peanut butter with all of the flavor, but with less calories.

The Science Behind Cravings

Three regions of the brain are activated during food-craving episodes. Blocking the opiate receptors in the brain, which sense pleasure, can blunt a person’s desire to eat foods rich in fat and sugar.

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