Black Friday Fitness

Black Friday FitnessAre you one of those shoppers to be out and about at midnight or are you more like me and do you like to stroll out around 10:00 or so the day after Thanksgiving? Either way, this is a fun Black Friday Fitness program for you to follow while you wait in line at your favorite stores!

As always, use caution for each move and make sure you’re not pushing yourself to do more than you can. Proper form is key. Make sure to have fun while you go out there and brave the crowds for those special deals!!



It’s easy to get annoyed while you wait, but doing some exercises will release those HAPPY HORMONES! So go out there, look silly and inspire others today!!

Take a picture and post to social media! Make sure you hashtag #DestinationYouHolidayFitness for your chance to win!!



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