12144737_10206764956175191_6607769945199944569_n6 years ago I had the biggest wakeup call of my life. I was “healthy” or so I thought. I was the thinnest I had ever been. I was getting my MBA. I had a very well paying job. I was a qualified runnier in the upcoming Boston Marathon. I was getting married. I had life just where I wanted it. I felt ok. And then…then came those 4 words “you have multiple Sclerosis.” #IMustBeDreaming (a nightmare)!

Time passed. I had my baby boy. I gained 62 lbs. I weighed over 200 lbs. I was numb (literally and figuratively.) I couldn’t see straight out of my left eye. #ThanksMS. I lost myself. I wanted ME back. I felt like crap. I found Beachbody workouts. I found Shakeology. It’s not a cure. It’s helped me. Oh and so many others!
I had to #FOCUS! I had to push aside the fear of failure. The fear of not being good enough. I had to want it BAD! I should have wanted to do it the healthy way BEFORE my diagnosis, but I felt invincible back then. MS woke me up. It is my #BlessingInDisguise.
If you’re ready to push aside the reasoning that keeps telling you “maybe Monday” or “maybe on New Years” or “maybe when my back is against the wall” I’m here for you. Maybe your back is against the wall and it’s GO TIME! I absolutely live my passion every day coaching people to live happier and healthier lives. #EveryoneMatters! Every single soul I have the OPPORTUNITY to help matters to me! My next group of 21 Day Fixers starts Monday, October 19th and I would love to help you take that first step! What’s your fight song? What is your “take back your life” song? Let’s get the first verse written! #DestinationYou

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