Fun Fitness for Kids

This little guy is my world. He is my WHY for wanting to stay fit and fight MS! He loves watching my husband and I workout too and it brings me much joy to know that I can be teaching him healthy habits so young. All we can do is do our best at the end of the day right? I thought I would try to make that a little easier for you today and give you what I think are the top 3 fun ‘fitness’ games you can play with your children that are not necessarily your old school tag or hopscotch…even though those will ALWAYS be classic and fun! {Don’t forget…if you find this blog to be fun and helpful, please share and like on your favorite social media outlets. Let’s have family fitness fun together!

  1. Here is one I thought of while doing ABC flashcards with my little guy! For every letter of the alphabet it has it’s numeric position in the alphabet right? So A is 1 and B is 2 and C is 3 so on and so forth… I went through the stack of letters and wrote the corresponding number to the letter on the back of the flashcard, so when he got to C he would do 3 jumping jacks or B he would do 2 pushups. Now he’s used to these types of exercises from martial arts but keep it simple. Don’t have them doing burpees right off the bat 😉 but safely have them do some jumping jacks or jog in place for 5 seconds. Remember, the key is to teach them that movement of the body is important.
  2. Motivate yourself and your child and sign up for a 5k (for you) and a 1 mile fun run (for your child). So many towns around the U.S. and I’m sure other countries are making kids fitness a KEY piece to their community. Try not to reward yourselves with a trip to the ice cream shop afterwards. Go celebrate by watching a movie and making stove top popcorn. Not only are you teaching them that fitness is fun with the fun run, but you’re teaching them rewards do not have to be unhealthy food oriented. #TreatDontCheat
  3. DANCE! Yes just DANCE! Either put in their favorite songs on CD or DVD and just DANCE around your living room. Pick them up if you can and cherish the moment. Add some extra fun and have them call out the name of an animal and then dance around like the animal the call out. My son is “totally into dinosaurs” so there is a lot of stegosaurus dancing going on in our home!Fitness Kids

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