Hammer And Chisel Results (Round 1)

Hammer and Chisel Round 1

Transformation Tuesday!

Sometimes we just have to look back at how far we have come! My original before photo in the bathing suit is still difficult for me to look at. I had COMPLETELY let myself go getting up to 203 pounds and I CONTINUED to let myself go when I was nursing Nicholas (for 13 months). I didn’t care. I had quite literally lost myself, I was just trying to survive and take care of my little human we just brought into the world. I was LOST and didn’t know how I was going to get ME back! I KNEW how I HAD to do it, but I didn’t KNOW HOW I was GOING to do it…follow me? My HEART had to catch up with my MIND! My mind knew what I was supposed to do and sometimes my heart wanted it too, but not as often as my mind. 


Hammer & Chisel Round 1 is complete and all things considered, I’m pleased with the results. After a stressful second half of 2015 trying to sell our house (still unsuccessfully), being a business owner and always trying to be better, I wore myself out and I started to slide. Like on my face slide. I still did my workouts each day, but my eating was NOT on point. I was gaining and had to put on the brakes. Enter in Hammer and Chisel. The first 2 weeks I was spot on. Then Christmas came and all the celebrations that come along with that, then New Years, a few outings surrounding that, my marathon in Disney, BLAH BLAH BLAH. I COULD have hunkered down and not enjoyed myself as much as I did, but heck 80/20 rule is what I live by. 80% of the time I was on point and the other 20% of the time I TREATED! I do not feel I cheated myself AT ALL! I did my workouts while on vacation. I did them the day before the marathon. I completed EACH one and I feel STRONGER than I have in a very long time. Physically I went from pressing 10 lb dumbbells to now pressing 30 lbs! I went from not being able to complete some of the moves and modifying to not needing to modify at all. That to me is SUCCESS! I’m giving my MS what it deserves every single day; a big dose of YOU DON’T HAVE ME! I was starting to give it the upper hand and I’m SO glad I have my Beachbody workouts to reign it in and Shakeology daily to keep me internally battling against it. 


I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be a perfect coach or a perfect personal trainer or a perfect (almost) Certified Health Coach. I. Am. Human. I like cheese and I like wine. I will say that even though I was falling off track 8 weeks ago, I caught it before it got way out of control. I COMPLETED this program and I lost 10 pounds (the healthy sustainable loss). I also lost 8.25 inches overall 1.5 of those off my hips and 2 from my waist. SO, while my results aren’t jaw dropping amazeballs, I am happy with them and I am proud that even though I wasn’t 100% I DIDN’T GIVE UP!!! NEVER GIVE UP my friends!! I named my business Destination You Fitness by Melissa Hadley for a reason. Health & fitness is a journey filled with ups and downs. Along the way though you find out what you’re made of!! You find yourself…you see…the destination is YOU! Now…I’m off to do day 2 round 2!


Are you ready to make a change and you just don’t know where to start? I would love to help you. I know the struggles! The struggles ARE REAL! I will help you realize those struggles and RISE above even when they try to get you down! xoxo

Email me: gettingitback4good@gmail.com

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