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In 2012, I had just had my third son and was very disappointed with the way I had let myself go while I was growing my family. I knew now that our family was complete, that I needed to take time for me so that I could feel good about myself again. I wanted to be happy and confident when I looked in the mirror rather than hiding from them when I got out of the shower or just walking past them in stores. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t see me I saw someone who was sad and depressed.

After Thanksgiving in 2012, I took it upon myself to sign up for a workout program “turbo fire” that I had seen a friend posting about on Facebook. I was determined and committed to get the body back that I had before kids. I knew it would take hard work and dedication but I was ready.

Two weeks into the program I had this weird pain occur during my workout…I shrugged it off as a cramp and kept on sweating. Later that night I got an excruciating pain in my stomach, I could barely breathe it was so painful. I told my husband I would be fine…it would go away but it didn’t…after 3-4 hours of this pain my husband told me we were going to the ER.

At the ER I was told I was having a gallbladder attack and that my gallbladder could rupture at any moment and I needed emergency surgery. I said “yeah that isn’t happening, I have a 3 month old at home that I need to nurse in an hour, I am going to need to schedule this, right now is not a good time”. The doctor looked at me like I had 4 heads…and responded “no you can’t schedule this you are next in line for surgery, this could be fatal if it isn’t removed immediately”! I then looked at my husband as tears swelled in my eyes and said “well I guess I am having surgery”.

Considering I had never had surgery before I was terrified that I could die and that my sons would not have a mommy all because I wouldn’t put me first, silly to think right…well it is true…there are times that I do need to come first!

I recovered from surgery and took time to heal my incisions before I dove back into my fitness. I knew that my eating habits were what caused my gallbladder attack and I needed to make bigger changes than just adding exercise to my daily routine. So I told Melissa, my Beachbody coach…I am in…I want the nutrients from Shakeology to feed my body and I need a program that will fit me! I signed up as a coach for the discount to save on Shakeology and got the Les Mills Combat Challenge Pack in March of 2013.

I was committed to not drink soda or eat fast food for the full 60 days I was doing the program. Instead I drank Shakeology and worked out daily…I was committed to putting me first! Surprisingly I found that by putting me first it made my kids and husband happier to see me smile and do something that they knew I wanted to do for me! Day in and day out I drank my shake and worked out and didn’t see the scale move…I didn’t see the scale move, not even 1lb in the full 60 days. This workout was a testament that non-scale victories exist. I lost over 13 inches from my body and had muscle definition! This was so exciting…I dropped 2 pant sizes and people were noticing! From my journey I shared my experiences with others and started to grow my business as a coach.

After Combat I continued inspiring others and working on my health and fitness. I completed T25 in July and lost 10lbs and 10 additional inches. Then I did the Ultimate Reset and lost another 9lbs in 21 days just before Thanksgiving which marked 1 year from my gallbladder surgery. Nearly 20 lbs in just a year’s time…I was amazed.

Here I am ready to celebrate my 2 year anniversary being a Beachbody coach and truly changing my life. I have done 10 Beachbody programs, lost over 45lbs and too many inches to keep count. I have grown my business to Diamond Rank and have over 200 coaches in my downline. I am well on my way to reaching my goals with my business and continue to change lives daily. Doing this business lights a fire under me and not only do I put ME first but people are inspired to put themselves first through my inspiration!

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