Pregnant Moms Guide to the 21 Day Fix

Pregnant Mummas

As a pregnant momma myself with number two, I certainly am going to have a healthier pregnancy this time around. I gained 62 pounds with my first little boy and while I went to the gym every day (which helped during labor), I still ate out of control! This time, I want to do my best to tackle the next 32 more weeks with excitement in planning my meals vs just arbitrarily going through and grabbing what I’m craving.

Not only will I be doing my Beachbody workouts each day (with 1 or 2 days of rest), but I will also be using my containers from the 21 Day Fix to keep my portions in check.

For the first trimester you actually do not need to go up in your caloric intake. In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters you should be consuming an extra 300 calories 300?!?! Say What?!?! Yes, 300 is the magic number. SO, this makes following this guide even that much more important. I have also given myself some leeway with this plan. On days I feel I need more, I will eat an extra BLUE (healthy fat) container and an additional RED (protein) container. SUNDAYS are my days to not be as “strict” and are typically our family days, so after church we go out to lunch. While I won’t go “hog wild” I will stay on track even still. You see, it’s not about being “strict” it’s about being focused and having an end goal in mind; the HEALTH of my baby and my HEALTH during and after pregnancy!

I will also note that on the nights I have salmon, I will likely not have salmon 3 times a week. I may have haddock one of those nights or COOKED shrimp another. This is a just a guide 🙂

As someone with Multiple Sclerosis, I have to be VERY careful to not get back to where I was after I had my son. THIS time around I have ALL the tools I need with my at home fitness, Shakeology and these awesome color coded containers for portions and macros!

Have you considered Shakeology? Have you considered the 21 Day Fix? I would love to help you on your journey through and beyond your beautiful pregnancy! Shot me an email OR reach out to me on FB:




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