Shakeology is HOW MUCH?!

Shakeology costs how much?! I get this question or hear this exclamation all the time. I in fact asked the same thing and I may have even laughed after I heard the answer. At the time that I was looking into it, I was…well…I was desperate. I had already cut out all things artificial and ate a pretty clean diet (85/15 rule). I had already been exercising and even tried juicing. It made me feel good, but I needed more than good. I needed to feel GREAT! I had a 1 year old son, my husband was laid off, I was losing myself in the midst of Multiple Sclerosis and I NEEDED a change, but at THAT price?! Was it worth taking the chance?

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I started to do the math and you know what I realized? I would be SAVING money by drinking this stuff AND I had already researched the snot out of the ingredients for 5 months so I knew it would fit into my clean eating regimen. It was going to help me, not potential hurt me like so many other things out on the market that have Sucralose and other artificial ingredients in them.

So how was it going to save me money? Well, here is my breakdown:

  • No need for a gym membership any longer. Now this was a tough one for me because I am a personal trainer and I loved the gym, BUT getting there with a newborn was tough. If I was going to get this I would also get a workout program that I could do from HOMScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.43.56 AME! I didn’t have to feel uncomfortable at the gym, leave Nicholas with a sitter (that cost isn’t even calculated into the savings) or drive back and forth (thus using gas; also not included in the savings). For JUST not needing a gym membership I was saving at least $10/week
  • I had a bad Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks habit. I was a Barista for many years in college…hence my affinity for the white and green mermaid cup! And if we are being honest, I wasn’t just getting a medium or large coffee. I would also get a turkey bacon and egg sandwich (not even a truly healthy choice) and my total was out of this world each day! Even without the sandwich, the cost of the coffee was ridiculous! So many people say that once they have Shakeology they no longer need coffee. AND we now have a Cafe Latte Shakeology! For not going to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts during the week I was saving a minimum of $35/week!
  • Because I was determined I was meal planning. As a coach I would help you meal plan too! I was no longer walking aimlessly around the grocery store, shopping on an empty stomach or arbitrarily walking up and down each aisle. I would grab snacks that were not necessary when I didn’t have a plan. I would also buy too much and end up wasting most of it. I went in with a plan, stuck to the list and BAM saved myself time and money! Weekly cost savings from planning and having a healthy list? A minimum of $50 a week! (MINIMUM!!) Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 7.05.20 PM
  • Supplements! My husband and I were taking Fish Oil, Multi-Vitamins, Glucosamine, B-12, Vitamin D3, etc… the only one that remains is Vitamin D that I take as a liquid in my water. I was spending a lot of money on supplements and at a minimum I am now saving $12.25 a week by not buying them! Shakeology has the vitamins and nutrients my body needs that today’s food supply simply does not provide like it may have at one time. Even with the cleanest of diets I wouldn’t get what I get now with Shakeology. With 70 Superfoods that are minimally processed so that thScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.56.04 AMey don’t lose the integrity of the ingredients, it is a daily dose of dense nutrition.
  • Total savings with JUST these things: $15.31 a day, $107.24 per week, $428.96 per month and $5, 147.52/year! Okay. So what about the Shakeology cost Melissa? Okay take OUT the cost of Shakeology and I STILL save! With Shakeology being $4 a day I’m STILL saving $11.31 a day, $79.17 per week, $316.68 per month and $3,800.16 a year!  Pretty awesome when you do the math. Again, the math will be different from one person to another, but the difference is certainly still there.

Has Shakeology been worth it? I can certainly say that after nearly 4 years now of having it, it has been worth every penny. I don’t know why, in hindsight, why I waited 5 months to take the plunge. This is something that I would always now work into my budget because I now know how amazing I feel with it vs how I felt without it! I wouldn’t give my son any other meal replacement or protein out there. Shakeology is much much more than just a “protein shake”. It is NOT a “weight loss shake”. Do people lose weight when they have Shakeology? Yes, but it is to be used as a once a day meal replacement.

Shakeology has been worth the $4 a day. I know my health is worth it. I know the following are true for me and many others:

  • I have more energy now than ever before! And for someone with MS energy is VERY hard to come by!
  • I have healthier skin, nails and hair
  • It’s helped me with my MS symptoms; I do not take any medication for my MS. It’s a personal decision for sure and it is NOT a cure for any ailment or disease, but it has helped me (and countless others).
  • I have better digestion and feel less bloated
  • My menstrual cycle is more regular and cramps are almost non-existent
  • I have a healthier immune system and rarely get sick and if I do my recovery is 100x faster than before!
  • My husband’s cholesterol went down even when all other things remained constant
  • My sons seasonal allergies are not nearly as bad as they had been

The list goes on…is it a cure?! Again, absolutely NOT, but it has certainly helped. Is it worth it? I invite you to try it for a risk free 30 days. You’ll also get access to one of my accountability groups during that time. Try it each day for 30 days and I know you’ll feel a difference. Shoot me a message on FB: or an email to and let’s get you started feeling not just good but GREAT!  xo

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