Thanksgiving Feast Tip Part 1

Thanksgiving Tip 1Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate, be with family and really be thankful for all we have (this should be an every day thing, but this is THE day to really relish in it!)

With all of that though, it is oftentimes hard to stay true to our quest for optimal health and fitness. I hear it all the time that people feel like it is simply not possible OR they simply don’t WANT to be healthy on Thanksgiving and you know what? That’s ok. YUP! I said “that’s OK!” If not wanting to stay true to your goals or to being healthy on Thanksgiving aligns with YOUR goals and YOU know that you’ll get right back on track the next day then HAVE AT IT for sure!! If this is your one day a year to indulge, then indulge away. Just be true to you; treat don’t cheat…you’ll know the difference 🙂

I indulge. I do, BUT I try to make healthier adjustments to the day so that the damage isn’t AS bad as it could be…know what I mean? It’s a healthy balance of enjoyment, treating, making healthier changes to the meal and relaxation.


So, today TIP number 1 in my series of 3 TOP tips for surviving the Thanksgiving meal (with a bonus day on Friday) is this:

  • Trade that butter for some chopped nuts. You could use walnuts, cashews, almonds…whatever you’d like. Simply crush them up and the natural oils of the nuts will give that somewhat buttery taste not to mention, it will add healthy fats to your dish. If someone has allergies to nuts this would not work of course in which case, you can skip to the other option below.
  • The other option; use 1 tsp of oil per serving. You could use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), coconut oil, grape seed oil  …whichever you prefer. Again, this will give your dish that healthy fat and the texture you desire.

Stay tuned to see some more tips for your Thanksgiving Day Feast!



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